Nevermind On That AAC Thing

september 14, 2004

So, I take 35 albums that I converted into AAC (that's a lot of work!) and I populate my iTunes with them. Then I click to listen to Beautiful Girl by INXS and guess what I hear? Popping and stuff. Dammit. So, I go and turn on the CD error correction in iTunes and try to rip a CD. It slows down from 8.0x to 1.6x. Hell if I am going to be re-ripping hundreds of CDs at that speed! Especially if ripping at that speed is exactly the same as ripping with LAME with better quality and CD error correction turned on. So, I have moved my MP3s back into their original folder and now I will just find the CDs from the physical pile that I don't already have an MP3 of and rip those to fill in the gaps in my collection. I'll have to save my pennies to get a 40GB iPod to hold my whole collection now. Sigh.

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