Mellel, TextEdit, Nisus, Cocoa and Slowness

september 17, 2004

This is a follow-up post for an earlier post about Mellel and Nisus. First, I have to say how responsive and preemptive Nisus is about their software! Shortly after I posted about the slowness I experienced with Nisus Express Writer 2.0, Dave from Nisus contacted me via email. Great guy and very motivated to work out the issues. I sent him my observations and a test file to look at. We have been communicating since. It looks like the slowness that I saw with Nisus Writer Express 2.0 is more of an issue with Cocoa than it is with NWE 2.0. If I open my test file (150 pages) with Mellel 1.8 and TextEdit, I see the same slow performance. If I open it with Word (X and 2004) it works fine because Microsoft ported their text engine using Carbon. So, I look forward to Apple working on their Cocoa text engine to speed it up when working with large files. And it is wonderful to see that a company cares so much about their product as Nisus does to preemptively contact blog-writers like myself about issues that are posted. It isn't often to see this happen, and I doubt that large companies like Microsoft would even read through blogs to see what is being said about their product. Thanks for caring Nisus!

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