Nisus Writer 2.0.1 Released

september 17, 2004

Nisus has released 2.0.1 of Nisus Writer Express. It fixes bugs mostly.

This release addresses a few issues that have been reported after the release of Express 2.0: - Fixed repeated appearance of the "internal error" dialog. This was due to a conflict with Apple's accessibility options. - WordPerfect documents now open properly. - Japanese input into footnotes does not crash. - Fixed crash that occurred when unchecking "different first page" in sections palette. - Application launch time reduced. Also added splash screen. - Automatic numbers now appear in tables. - Table cell borders for horizontally spanning cells are not lost when saving to RTF. - Changes to the Show Invisibles option is now noted by footnotes. - Fixed bug allowing footnotes on first page to appear in the footer area. - Can now insert endnotes into an unsaved converted Nisus Writer Classic document. You can download the new version from here:

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