New Lens

september 19, 2004

One last lens to join the collection. I went to San Jose Camera and Video to pick up a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens since Ritz and Wolf Camera don't seem to stock the lens. The lens is great, check out the pictures that I took with it. On the Canon Digital Rebel with it's 1.6 magnification, the 50mm turns into 80mm. The pictures that it takes are very sharp. And the f/1.8 makes it work very well in low-light. Now, first impressions are always the most important and San Jose Camera did not make a good first impression with me. They seemed very snooty there and disinterested in me as a customer. I talked with my friend John and he says that he has gotten nothing but good service there, so I will give them a second try later on.

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