Star Wars DVD Collection

september 23, 2004

George Lucas finally woke up and smelled the coffee about the original Star Wars Trilogy on DVD! Actually, I believe he was forced to release the original trilogy on DVD earlier than he thought. Originally he was going to release the DVDs after he finished Episode 3 and released that on DVD. But, being that the market was so hot and also the threat of pirates releasing pirated version based on other source materials, he released the trilogy earlier. And what a release this is. The films look gorgeous on DVD. I have so far watched the A New Hope and part of Empire Strikes Back (my favourite episode). The work that they have done to restore these films from the original negatives is tremendous. The film is sparkling clean with all hair and dust removed from each frame (a reported average of 100 pieces of dust per frame!) The colors are bright and vivid with a natural look all through the film. The sound is tremendous and will give any home theatre system a good work out. I cannot believe that Lucas waited this long to release these classic films to the DVD market. But, in retrospect when watching A New Hope and then thinking about The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, I can imagine why he didn't want to release these original ones earlier. When Episodes I & II are compared to the original IV, V, and VI one can see how deficient these prequels (Ep. I & II) are. They are murky, talky, and drage along with a sense of over-seriousness. When I watched the two hour and five minute A New Hope, the time flew because I was having so much fun watching the film. The story is still fresh even now and the characters are engaging. The adventures that they go on are exciting. When I think about The Phantom Menance, I cringe at the hokey dialogue, the boring adventure, the bad acting, and the concentration on special effects rather than just plain fun. For me Star Wars will always be what was started with A New Hope, brilliantly continued with Empires Strikes Back, and somewhat disappointingly concluded with Return of the Jedi (die Ewoks, die!) These new prequels do not feel like Star Wars to me when compared to the originals. So, if you haven't gone out yet to get the greatest trilogy around, do it now. The Star Wars Trilogy DVD set is now widely available and you won't be sorry picking it up.

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