Microsoft To Customers: Screw You!

september 25, 2004

Check out this article about Microsoft's arrogant behaviour. Bill Gates may have stood before millions and claimed that security is his major concern when it comes to his operating system and web browser. But now Microsoft is coming out and saying that if you want to have a safe web browser, then you'll have to pony up the $99 to upgrade from whatever Pre-Windows-XP you are running to Windows XP. They say that IE is unsafe in all Windows versions previous to XP SP2 and that they will no longer produce a secure version for those Windows version. If you want to surf the web safely, you'll have to get Windows XP with Service Pack 2. The hard thing is that even though one could switch to a very safe alternative like Mozilla's Firefox, the "stand-alone" browser IE is very integrated into the Windows OS, so you'll still be affected. So, for all of you happily running Windows 95, 98, ME, or 2000, Microsoft has a message for you: Screw off, we don't care about you anymore. Sad.

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