.Mac Upgrades

september 29, 2004

Apple has upgraded the storage of .Mac accounts. Now you'll get a total of 250MB to share between mail and iDisk storage -- you can configure it however you like. There is also an option to upgrade from 250MB of storage to 1GB of storage for $49.95 a year. I think Apple needs to give more for the money. Over at Spymac they are giving out 3GB of mail plus 250MB of WebDAV (iDisk) storage for a mere $39.99 a year. The free Spymac account gets 1GB of mail and 100MB of storage. Gmail, which is currently invitation only, gives 1GB of free email storage (though only through webmail). And Yahoo! Mail gives 100MB free email or 2GB for $19.99 a year. Apple needs to offer more for the $99 premium that they are asking for the basic .Mac account in order to be competitive. Or maybe Apple is not interested in selling online services anymore?

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