Enjoy The Arts

october 18, 2004

Eileen and I visited the San Jose Museum of Art this last Sunday. It was our second time here and we really enjoyed it. We have been to a few art museums (Metropolitan Museum in Mahattan, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and a few others) and we really enjoy the visits -- and the chance to see the visual arts, which is a wonderful experience. We are lucky to have the San Jose Museum of Art so close to our home and even more lucky that the admission to the museum is absolutely free to the public everyday. If you live close to an art museum, and chances are you do, go visit and enjoy something that you probably do not get enough of in your everyday life. And if your museum is free or takes donations, donate and support the visual arts (I just did for the San Jose Museum of Art). Art is for everyone to enjoy, don't miss out on your chance.

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