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october 25, 2004

With all my own hoopla about switching away from my Palm handheld to my SonyEricsson T610 for PIM stuff, I have come back to using a Palm for PIM stuff -- mainly because I read ebooks from eReader on the Palm during my train ride. But, since I am reading ebooks on the Palm, I might as well use it as a PDA again, so here I am syncing both my Palm and my T610 with my iBook for schedules, todos, and contacts. I did pick up a new Palm, the Zire 31. It is a good compromise between my color Tungsten T and my monochrome m125. It is lighter than both the TT and m125, making it easy to carry. The screen reminds me a lot of my old Palm IIIc screen (STN), it is a lot brighter than the Tungsten T's screen since it is backlit and not sidelit -- sadly though it is low-res like my m125, but that is OK with me. It has the audio capabilities of the TT for MP3 playback -- though I'll never really use it since I have my iPod. It has an integrated screen protection like my m125, which I like much better than the cases for my TT (and a lot better than the clear plastic shield for the TT). I wish it had removable batteries like my m125 though. The expansion slot is just like the TT and m125, I use it mainly to store large documents like my ebooks and to do backups onto using BackupMan from Bits 'n Bolts Software. The processor inside the Z31 is pretty damned fast also, using Speedy 4.0 to benchmark the Z31 shows that it is eight times faster than my old m125 and twice as fast as my TT. And last of all, I like the mini-USB connection for HotSyncing, it is better than having a proprietary connector.

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