a9 Toolbar For Firefox

november 3, 2004

a9 just released their toolbar as an extension for Firefox users. This is the first of a kind since it works for all systems that have Firefox, so us Mac users aren't left out anymore. The toolbar is pretty nice and a9 is nice also a pretty nice personalized search engine. I have been using My Yahoo! Search so much lately that I am now use to that interface and using a9 seems a bit odd. Though, like I said before about a9 using Google as their search engine makes it a bit cooler than Yahoo! So, if you are using Firefox and have an a9 account (or Amazon account) then give the a9 toolbar a spin. It is worrisome that the toolbar does track all your surfing habits on a remote server. Ick. I also found out that Amazon.com (a9 is a subsidiary of Amazon) is offering all a9 users a pi/2% (1.57%) discount on all purchases. You don't have to use the a9 toolbar to take advantage of this, you just have to have used the a9 search engine to get access to this "extra" savings. To do this, log into a9.com with your Amazon.com account, do a search and I think the discount will appear in your Amazon.com account (look for the pi/2% next to the Amazon logo at the top left-hand corner of your screen). Enjoy.

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