Camino Continues To Rule

november 3, 2004

There is only one browser for the MacOS X platform and it isn't Apple's Safari. It is Mozilla's Camino. Early on when Camino was at version 0.7 I had a lot of problems with it and Panther. A subsequent release (0.8) made everything alright and I have been using it ever since (nightly builds of course). Mike Pinkerton and crew are doing an excellent job with Camino and I look forward to the day when Camino 1.0 hits the net. Firefox for MacOS X is nice, but it still looks like a Unix port -- and when I am using my iBook, I want to see the Aqua widgets, not Unix widgets. So, if you haven't tried Camino, give it a shot, you'll probably like it more than Safari.

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