iPod 40GB Upgrade

november 6, 2004

After putting up my iPod 15GB (3G) up for auction, I stopped by the Apple Mini Store at Oakridge Mall to get the upgrade: An iPod 40GB (4G). I am still not too stoked about the reintroduction of mechanical stuff to the iPod (my original first generation 5GB iPod had mechanical stuff, by 15GB did not). But, I guess the mechanical stuff is OK, the harddrive and stuff will probably outlast the clickers on the iPod anyway. Why upgrade? I had overgrown the 15GB of storage that my old iPod allotted me -- it was not a good buy from the beginning since I was pushing the limits of the 15GB ever since I got the thing. Now on the 40GB (which too a helluva long time to sync because of all the music) it is only half full -- 18.30GB filled, 18.93GB left to go! Anyways, I'll do a write up on both the 3G and the 4G iPods when I get a chance. Check out the photos of the iPod 40GB -- it is from coming out of the bag to getting on the desktop, a whole "disection" of openning an iPod package! Oh, by the way, if you are a student of any sort, let the Apple Store representative know sinec you'll get a discount on Apple stuff right on the spot -- $30 off an iPod and $200 of a computer!

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