PDA Fire Sale!

november 9, 2004

Yes! All those PDAs that I have collected over the years are now going on sale! The first is one that Eileen used, it's a regular Handspring Visor. Check out that auction here. The second is my old HP Jornada 525, it was the first Windows CE handheld that I got. I still don't like Windows CE, but you might! Check out the auction here. The third is an old classic, a Palm IIIx! Yea baby, 4MB of PalmOS 3.x power. Check it out here. This is not a PDA, but I figured I'd post it anyways. It's just a two-month free trial for Xbox Live. I got it with one of the games that I bought, but I had already registered with a different two-month free trial card and I can't use this one. Check that auction out here.

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