Linux Geek Unleash!

november 16, 2004

Hmm...It maybe a indirect effect of Chess Geek being let out, but I have not had this much fun with Linux in a long time. I was just looking up ways of quieting down the Celeron 500 box that I use to power when I stumbled apon the Linksys NSLU2 and its Linux prowlness. I had seen the NSLU2 when it was released and thought that it was cool, though I did not see much use for it at the time. When I found that the NSLU2 had some hidden Linux capabilites and that there was a thriving community built around hacking this little box, I got one! Check out NSLU2 Linux for Unslung, a firmware for the NSLU2 that makes it a true embedded Linux box. I'll write more later, but the little box is up and running in the office and it is great. It costs $99 with a $10 rebate at CompUSA. I already had a 30GB Travelstar harddrive in a 2.5" enclosure, so I did not have to spend for the storage. Now the Celeron 500 box is in the garage and I have a new quiet and power efficient Linux box running in the office. Time to go build thttpd!

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