The Chronicles of Riddick

november 28, 2004

I am a big fan of Twohy's (director/writer) Pitch Black movie, to which The Chronicles of Riddick is a sequel to. I just finished watching The Chronicles of Riddick and it a showcase of what happens when a creative director/writer gets a bigger budget for making a movie. With Pitch Black Twohy did not have that big of a budget to make the movie. So he had to be creative in his use of special effects and writing. Suggest ideas to the audience and they will imagine what things look like. And when you carefully lead the audience like this it makes the movie so much better. But, to go all out like with Chronicles and create everything on screen, you just make a boring special effects movie -- and that is exactly what Chronicles is: A big, dumb, mildly boring, action flick with lots of special effects that do nothing to truly entertain. Twohy was given a big budget, he got lazy and this is the bad sequel that we get as a follow-up to the wonderful Pitch Black.

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