Swatch Paparazzi

november 30, 2004

I picked up the orange Swatch Paparazzi today. There are pictures of if here. The watch has a FM radio inside and it grabs information off the broadcasts. You'll have to have MSN Direct for it to work. The watch is huge (larger than my Breitling and all my G-Shocks). It has a lithium-ion battery inside and needs to be recharged every three to five days. The watch is still receiving stuff, it is taking a long time. I am guessing the first "sync" is slower as it tries to download everything. I'll write more about the watch after I get some time with it (no pun intended). The watch is definitely for gadget freaks only. Eileen has already deemed the watch plain looking. I doubt that most people will find the information broadcasting as cool as a geek or nerd. It is kind of neat though. The SpotStop seems like a good place to stop for information and community based on the the SPOT technology that the watch is based on. By the way, I knocked SPOT in March, but I gave in and grabbed one of these watches just to see how it really is -- and the Swatch Paparazzi is the second cheapest of them all (the Abacus Wrist Net watch is the cheapest at $129, but it is not as fun looking as the Paparazzi). So far, there are three strikes against the watch: 1) The Outlook sync add-on is only for Windows (no Mac Entourage support), 2) The MSN Messenger support is only for the Windows version and 3) the MSN Calendar on the web cannot be used with the watch (huh?).

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