december 18, 2004

So, it has been almost three weeks since I have been using MSN Direct with my SPOT watches (first a Swatch Paparrazi and now a Suunto n3), what do I think? The novelty of having a streaming feed to my watch has worn off, that is for sure. Is it useful? Yes, it is nice to have a constant stream of news, stock feeds, weather, and diversions to my watch. Would I miss it if it went away? Not really. Being having the information with me all the time is nice, but I can always get it on my mobile phone (albeit with a few more clicks). Will I keep using it (since my one free month ends in a little more than a week)? Yea, I'll keep using it. I'll be cycling my Breitling back into the watch cycle though and wear that also. MSN Direct is nice, but not ready for prime time yet. Microsoft has to get some of the issues worked out with the service and add more channels to the service before it can be ready for true consumption. See my review of the Suunto n3 for things that I think Microsoft can improve or add to the MSN Direct service. I hope Microsoft continues to develop this service into something that is truly worthwhile. Right now it is still borderline novelty with a little bit of usefulness thrown in.

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