Dish Finally Does Name Based Recording

december 22, 2004

I woke up this morning to find a surprise on my Dish DVR unit (the 522)! It got an update while I was sleeping and now I have Name-Based Recording (NBR) functionality. NBR is the "T*Vo-like" functionality that everyone loves about DVRs. With NBR, you just type in a keyword, title, or name and the machine will seek out and record all programs based on that information. I only got to play with it a little bit this morning and it seems a bit rough compared to TiVo, but nevertheless it works better than the previous event-based recording. It is not as feature-rich as a TiVo series 2 either, there's no suggestions and the recording of new episodes only is a bit difficult (I haven't found it yet, though it is said to be there).

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