Halo 2

december 26, 2004

OK, so I only caught onto the whole Halo thing recently (I finished the first one July 24, 2004) but am I glad did. The first one was a really great gaming experience and the second one (which I am going through right now) seems on track to be much better than the first. The graphics are upgraded and look great. The story seems good (if you haven't played at least through the second level, stop reading now). The whole return of the Flood made my stomache churn. I hate the Flood (literally) because they are a very tough opponent and because fighting them does get a bit repetitious. Also landing on a second Halo? Um, I hope it is not all going to take place there, I want to go back to Earth. I know it won't be a rehash of the first game (since there is a second playable character), but it certainly seems so at this point -- since my next task is to visit the Library and find the Index, I seem to remember doing that in the first game. Otherwise, I am going to Halo 2'ing for the next week since I have the week off. I'll throw in some Need for Speed Underground 2 for variety, but don't get me wrong, it'll be all Halo most of the time.

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