december 28, 2004

While I was strolling around Fry's today, I spotted an Ogo (which is from the unhip AT&T, but you wouldn't know that because there are no AT&T markings on the device). The Ogo is like the poor man's Sidekick II or Blackberry. The device is $100 (or $50 on the Ogo website) and the monthly fee is $18. Which at first seems pretty damned good, but when I thought about it, it's not that great of a deal, especially for us T-Mobile users. The Ogo $18 a month gets you one IM account (AOL, Yahoo!, or MSN), unlimited text messages, and email, whereas the $20 a month Sidekick II Unlimited Data Plan gets you everything included in the Ogo plan plus unlimited web surfing. The other thing is that the Sidekick II is a phone and communicator, whereas the Ogo is strictly a communicator device making it necessary to carry a mobile phone if you want ot receive calls.

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