T-Mobile Sidekick II

december 30, 2004

Well, after looking at the Ogo and figuring that the Sidekick II was the way to go...I went to the T-Mobile corporate store at Oakridge Mall and got me one (I was out of contract and got a nice discount on the Sidekick II when I opted for another year with T-Mobile). A very nice guy named Tim helped me out. So far the Sidekick II is really cool! I like it a lot so far, we'll see how it goes over the next few days as I get to use it more. It is a lot bigger than my SonyEriccson T610, but it does so much more. I like how I can use the web interface to take care of my calendar, to-do, address, and notes -- now I don't have to sync it to any computer, I just enter it on the Sidekick II directly or go to the web and do it, that is a nice benefit. I also picked up a Samsung e315 for my wife to replace her e105 which is falling apart.

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