Airlink Stuff

january 8, 2005

I went to Fry's today to pick up some Airlink101 stuff to upgrade the network at home. I got a AR410W wireless router (to replace the AR504 router and Apple Airport Extreme basestation), an AP411W access point (to replace the D-Link DWL-801+ bridge for my Xbox) and a APSUSB1 (a print server to replace the functionality of the Airport Extreme). Well, I have to say: Don't try to upgrade what's already working. I have had good experience with my Airlink101 AR504, but the AR410W seems to have some problems. The first being a flaw in the wired side, anything that is connected to the wired side seems to pause for a little bit from time to time. The second was that the wireless side seemed to lose connection just like the wired side. So there was connection problems with the AR410W. The AP411W worked great, except for the face that I can't use WPA when the thing is in AP Client mode. The APSUSB1 was pretty good, it worked right away, and to my surprise even did Rendevous and uPnP. But, since the AR410W was broke, I am putting back the old reliable setup. So all three pieces of equipment get to go back to Fry's tomorrow.

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