january 10, 2005

I switched the firewall from SmoothWall over to m0n0wall. Although I liked SmoothWall and its interface, it was lacking in some features and had some worrisome problems:

M0n0wall is based on FreeBSD (not Linux like SmoothWall), which some purport to be safer than Linux. I won't touch that one since I use Linux for my main server. But, m0n0wall comes with the IP filtering that I was looking for. It also boots and runs directly off a CD -- the only writable media is a floppy disk, this might be a security risk, but not as big as having a complete OS on media that is writable. M0n0wall is also a completely free piece of software. Their mailing lists work too. I like it because it is so easy to setup and yet so powerful. To backup? Just save the XML configuration file and you're done. More on m0n0wall later, I think this is a keeper.

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