384Kbps Baby!

january 13, 2005

Ok, so I rarely check the email account that came with my SBC Yahoo! DSL account. But for some reason today I decided to take a peek inside the email box and I discovered that SBC sent me an email on December 21 telling me about an upgrade to my service. The upstream speed on my line was going to get a free upgrade from 256Kbps to 384Kbps. Nice! Except for the fact that the upgrade did not go through. So, I called the 1-877 number and talked with Jen who said she couldn't do anything for me and that I would have to call the Sales department to get them to do the upgrade. I asked for the number and she gave me a 1-866 number. When I called the number it was the SBC Dish Network support line. Ugh. So I called the 1-877 number again and got Ron (a lady) who apologized for the wrong number and gave me two numbers to call for the Sales support. When I called the Sales support, Megan told me that she couldn't do anything for me at this time and that she had to go ask someone else higher up to review this. She was in a rush to get me off the phone and did not give me a reference number until I asked for one. She told me that she would call me back with an update. I asked her when and she told me she didn't know, but if I could call back tomorrow or something so that I could get an update. A bit frustrated, I went over to DSL Reports and found the SBC Direct forum which you can post your problem up and a SBC support team will take a look at it for you. About 40 minutes after I posted, a support team member named "toaster" replied letting me know that he updated my profile and that I should run the speed test to see that it was Ok and get back to him/her. The speed was bumped up to 384Kbps and it works great. Now I know that the 1-877 numbers is not the best place to get help with SBC DSL stuff, and now you know too.

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