New ps two

january 15, 2005

I gave my old PS2 to my sister to play with since I got her Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Christmas. Well, I took the opportunity to "upgrade" to a new PS2 (the new slimmer one named "ps two"). It is SO small compared to the old one. Check out the pictures to see how large the Xbox looks compared to the new ps two. The machine seems pretty sturdy. It is nice to have everything in one box (the network port, modem port, and IR port are built-in now). There's no way to put a harddrive into the ps two, but most of us haven't "upgraded" to the harddrive anyways. The controller that is included feels a lot cheaper than the one that came with my original PS2, but I guess that's what happens when production moves to China to save cost. I am sure that this new redesign is saving Sony a lot in production costs (and making them a huge profit), but the redesign is pretty incredible. The new ps two is pretty nice -- though, there is nothing really different software-wise between it and the old PS2. Oh, one big thing: There is no fan and the ps two is damned quiet! No more vortex of death sound like with the old PS2.

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