Resident Evil Apocalypse (2004)

january 16, 2005

The first Resident Evil movie was pretty bad, the second one is even worse. Paul W.S. Anderson has all the writing skills of one the zombies in both movies. Anderson is the man behind multiple video game to film transitions (including Mortal Combat). And although the first one was bad, it is bad in a watchable way. The follow-up is just terrible bad, unwatchable in anyway possible. The story is nowhere to be found. It includes rescueing a young girl and escaping from the infested Racoon City. But, really it isn't there, Anderson had no interest in putting together an actual story. The characters are there just to fire the guns, run around, and get shot at. The villian is a stock megacorporation type who is willing to kill innocent people to keep the corporation profitable. There is nothing new here. The heros are flat and boring. And if one of them were to die, hell if I cared since Anderson didn't decide to write any characters that the audience could bond with. That would not be as bad if the action was exciting. But, not dice there either. This is mindless shlock aimed at a mindless crowd. Although I am not sure that even the zombies in the film would enjoy this movie. Skip this movie at all cost.

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