Tired of Hoorah American News Media

january 22, 2005

The American news media has turned into a vast propaganda machine. It's pretty sad that they are now unwilling to cover the real stories, rather they continue to do their hoorah propaganda pieces. What's even worse (or more sad) is that a good chunk of Americans are willing to just listen to this shlock without question. It is nice that the Internet has made it easier to access other media sources, like the BBC where we as Americans can get some news that does not have the hoorah bias of an American media source. Like this article on how the rest of the world really feels about the US.

On average across all countries, 58% of people - and 16 out of 21 countries polled - said they believed Mr Bush's re-election to the White House made the world more dangerous.
And how do they look at Americans?
The survey found that 47% of the 21,953 people questioned now see US influence in the world as largely negative, and view Americans negatively as well.

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