New Server

january 23, 2005

This afternoon around 1:12pm the box took a dump. When I got home from an afternoon of shopping with my wife, I noticed that the box was off. I tried to power it on and it wouldn't come on. I tried two more times, but it was a no go. Then I noticed the smell of electrical stuff that was burnt. After cracking open the box, I smelled that the power supply on the old Celly 500 was burnt beyond use. It's too bad that the Celly 500 had a proprietary power supply! This is the third incident in three months :) The first was when the original ultramookie box died from overheating, that was before Thanksgiving. Then on Christmas Eve it got struck with a worm. Now this. Bleh. Anyways, as you can see from the pictures, I picked up an el cheapo GQ ("Great Quality") box from Fry's for a whopping price tag of $179! It's an AMD Athlon XP+ 2000, 128MB of RAM, 52x CDROM drive, and a 40GB HDD. I pulled the 40GB HDD and put in the old 160GB HDD that was in the old box, which worked great. But since the old Celly 500 couldn't recognize more that 30GB, that's what the 160GB was partitioned for. Now that the new box can see more, I have used parted to add the remaining 130GB to the mix. I also dropped in 512MB more RAM to the box to make it smoother. It's all now working, total downtime was about 3.5 hours. The new box is a bit loud, but it runs really fast because the "screaming" 1.67Ghz processor (the fastest yet for an ultramookie box).

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