Finally Some Mac'ishness in Firefox

january 27, 2005

I love Firefox and all, especially when paired with the AdBlock extension. But, I don't use it much on my Mac systems because (as I complained before) it has not Mac widgets and feels like a Unix port (which it is). I know the Firefox guys are working to get a more Mac-like version out, but it doesn't seem to be coming anytime soon. Camino is a really great browser based on the Gecko engine and I have been using it for a while now while occasionally dipping my toe into Apple's Safari and Omnigroup's OmniWeb. Safari still has the annoying pausing problem and OmniWeb's adblocking stinks. But, I spotted this article which gives some good information about transforming the current Firefox into something more Mac-like. Basically, it suggests using the theme from here to make Firefox look Mac-like and also this software to get the Aqua widgets. Now Firefox on my Macs look great and I get to use AdBlock again! Nice!

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