Finished Halo 2

january 29, 2005

Welp, I just finished Halo 2. I must say the gameplay experience is more intense than the first one and I really enjoyed the game. It took me just a little bit over a month to complete, playing on and off. There are some small things that bothered me though. The single player campaign ends a bit abruptly, I know that Bungie plans to finish it off with Halo 3, but the ending was really abrupted (though everyone should stick around to see what happens after the credits finish rolling). And though the graphics looked phenomenal, there is this strange texture warping that happens all during the game. It makes it feel weird and the textures for the human skin was a bit off. Overall though, I really enjoyed the single player experience and I know there will be a lot more play time with the multiplayer experience. Bravo to Bungie for such a wonderful game!

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