Sidekick Still Not Working

january 31, 2005

Looks like most all of my Sidekick services are still in limbo right now. I guess it is wait and see. For the web browser, which was slow before is now completely unusable - especially when I get a "Network Unavailable" message which locks up the web browser and it will not launch after I get that message. Mail is a bit spotty also, looks like a long delay for both arrival and delivery of mail. AIM stills gets the "too many login tries" message and if I luckily get logged in, it drops connection frequently. The same thing with YIM. I keep getting Network Unavailable messages. My Sidekick is a large brick that can make phone calls as of right now. The upgrade that was supposed to finish 5am (PST) yesterday morning and started 11pm on Saturaday night has now gone more than 24 hours.

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