Give Linux A Shot

february 1, 2005

Tired of spyware, malware, viruses and other software on your Windows machine that makes your time on the computer more a chore than enjoyable? Why not give Linux a try? OS News is running this article that reviews 18 Live CD OSes that you can give a whirl. Most are Linux, one is BSD. Don't worry, if you use a Live CD, it won't touch your current harddrive so you can give it a try without harming any of that Windows goodness. I would really recommend it so that you can see what a nice computing environment is like compared with a hostile one (like the one Windows presents). All the OSes boot from the CD and run from the CD, if you have a USB thumbdrive, you can use that to store data on. The great thing is that even if there were malware for Linux, it couldn't write anything onto the CD and each time you boot to the CD you'll have a fresh system to use. Nice!

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