Spammers Can Go To Hell

february 1, 2005

Man, that little niche in Hell for spammers is growing and growing. I am being pounded by comment, referrer and trackback spammers right now. I have turned off trackbacks and pingbacks because in WordPress 1.2.2 there is no way to moderate those and the trackback/pingback spammers have had a field day trying to get their spam through (I closed off all comments and trackbacks for postings 14 days or older, so that stopped a lot of spam). Here are some good tips for WordPress users on how to stop spammers. I am using a .htaccess/mod_rewrite to redirect all referrer spammers away from my box. I am turning off trackbacks/pingbacks to my postings as of today, I didn't really get trackbacks anyways (except from myself). Comments will still be open for 14 days, then they will be closed. Burn in hell spammers! Oh, and those sysadmins that let their boxes get hijacked and don't take care of things (and let the machines be zombie machines for spammers), they need a hot place in Hell also to burn for a while. Oh, there needs to be a special furnace for those people who actually fall for spam, make that a special hot furnace. Yeesh.

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