Live Linux CD

february 3, 2005

Ok, so I got to playing with some of the Live Linux CDs. I had already played with Knoppix a lot and like it a lot. But, it would be so much better if I could carry one of those mini-CDs with a good OS on it, instead of carrying a huge CD like the one that Knoppix runs on. I found two that are really great. The first, and the one that I am going to burn to a mini-CD and keep with me is SLAX Linux Live. It is a slick implementation and fits on 185MB. It runs KDE as the window manager and includes the whole "K" suite. The runner up is BeatrIX which is also a great implementation. It uses Gnome, which is also really cool. BeatrIX includes FireFox (which is one of the things I miss with SLAX) and I like those inclusions, but I wish there was a way to get rid of the damned default background -- some ugly cat. I will probably take some time later and explore how to put a better default background on this disti and make it the one I'll use, since I like FireFox and But for now, SLAX does all that I really need it to do: Some office applications for on-the-go and a decent web browser (Konquerer) for browsing the web. ssh is built into both and I need that also. I really hate using someone else's Windows box because I never know what kind of spyware, malware, virus or even keylogger might be installed on the machine. This way I have an OS that boots up fresh everytime and I know what's where.

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