OmniWeb 5.1

february 10, 2005

Ok, maybe I am dense or something, but I finally figured out how to properly use the OmniWeb ad-blocking correctly! And it works good, with a minor annoyance. I like it because it is built into OmniWeb -- I don't have to purchase PithHelmet for Safari, nor do I have to use a userContent.css for Firefox and/or Camino. Of course, I did pay $29.95 for OmniWeb, but the extra features (like Workspaces and the neato tabs) are worth it. I will now make an effort to try out OmniWeb as a daily browser instead of using Camino -- I love Camino, but it is rather crash happy lately and I have OmniWeb just sitting around on my hard drive. The one thing that bothers me about OmniWeb's ad-blocking (and this maybe a benefit and not a con) is that images that are blocked have their placeholders showing. I wish that I could have the option to collapse these placeholders so that I don't see odd blocks all over the place. The good thing about it is that I can define on a per page basis if I want to block adds -- instead of a blanket ad-blocking technique like the userContent.css (and even the AdBlock extension for Firefox). Also, unlike the userContent.css ad-blocking technique (but a lot like the AdBlock extension for Firefox) the ad-blocker in OmniWeb does not download any of the ad material -- with userContent.css the ads are downloaded, but are hidden from the user. Anyways, it's back to browser switching again here at

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