Four Days And Back

february 14, 2005

I used OmniWeb 5.1 for about four days and now I am back to using Camino (nightly builds). Although I really like OmniWeb, there's just something about it that didn't click with me. Maybe it was the way that the ad-blocker left blank "holes" all over the place where ads were blocked. Or maybe it was how the tabs, though cool, showed up on the side and I had no option of making them show up on top. Or maybe how I couldn't use OmniWeb with Flickr correctly -- I could not add tags to my pictures, it would complain about some bad API call. It is a very good application and it is fast as hell. It has some good features like per website ad blocking and preferences. It even has the whole idea about saving tabs when you exit in workspaces -- and then when you come back, the tabs are all restored. There is a lot of good stuff about OmniWeb, but I couldn't keep using it. Now, it's back to old reliable: Camino, which I have been using for a while and will continue to use. I hope that development of Camino continues and that a 1.0 release is coming soon.

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