The Sad Truth About Bush

february 14, 2005

This is just sad and a sign that the President has all his priorities out of whack. He is asking Congress for an additional $82 billion in war funds, while on the backend he is proposing deep cuts for war veterans and their medical support. Other cuts include schools, food stamps for the poor, and the environment. And here's a good slap in the face for all the red states: cuts for agricultural support for all of those red states. The karma comes back to bite those red states in the ass, I guess. Anyways, this President is doing nothing but running this country into the ground and it is showing plain and simple. Ninety-seven percent of the tax cuts benefits, would go to those makinig $200,000 or more. Us normal people? Screw us. I think we blue states blame you ignorant red states for all of this. You red states put this idiot back into office and now you'll be reaping his rewards.

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