Apple mini Stores a Major Disappointment

february 18, 2005

It looks as if the Apple mini Stores are a major disappointment. From the white epoxy flooring to the bright lights to the sterile feel to the (still not working) customer-check-out-POS, everything seems to have gone wrong with the mini Stores. I have one that is local to me, at the Oakridge Mall. I must admit, I don't like going into the store, I'd rather go to the Apple Store at Valley Fair. The box design and the small confined space -- though it is "open" -- makes the mini Store less welcoming. Also, there is not as much gawking space as there is in an Apple Store, usually the counters are too crowded for me to gawk at the 15" Powerbook that I want. The software and accessories are in the back of the store right up against the walls, that just doesn't invite me in. I like the layout of the bigger stores and can understand why the mini Stores are a disappointment.

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