Abiword for Mac OS X

february 19, 2005

A while back I did a review on word processors. At that time I did a brief mention on the technology preview of the Mac OS X version of Abiword. Last month Abisource released version 2.2.3 of Abiword and a native Mac OS X version was part of the release. I just picked it up from their website and have done a quick test with it and it seems to be working fine. I will try it throughout the next five weeks of class at University of Phoenix -- since class just started and I have like nine papers to write over the next five weeks. I'll get back with a report soon, but as it looks now it has one up'd Nisus because it has bullets and numbered list support, as well native Word document saves -- I do believe that Nisus saves as a .doc file, but it is really a .rtf file internally, which accounts for why Abiword cannot open .doc files saved by Nisus Writer Express. Abiword also one ups Mellel because it can save directly to .doc files, instead of having to export. And Abiword completely beats those two on one big account: It is free. Give Abiword a try if you have a chance, you might be surprised.

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