Christian Groups F*cking Suck

february 20, 2005

Here is an article where a US Christian group named Concerned Women for America is complaining about the choice of Chris Rock as the host of the Oscars show. First of all, what a silly name for a group because certainly they are not concerned about the liberal America I live in, they are only concerned about turning America into some conservative Puritan America that they dream of. So please ladies, change the name of your group because you do not represent the feelings or or concerns of all of America. I can stand to not have your type of concern. Second, if you don't like Chris Rock and think that he's "vulgar", the don't watch the damn show! Make your own choices for what you want to watch and don't try to make mine. I like Chris Rock and I know he'll be a great host for the show, so I will be watching. This is America, if you were really concerned about it, you would be concerned that you are trying to limit our choice in what we can and cannot watch. Let me remind you that words like fuck, shit and other "vulgar" words are only so because we as a society make them to be. People make substituions for them all the time like frick, fudge, and what not. Words are words. Get the fuck used to them. Between my friends and I, we have made the word "borwal" a formal substitute for the word fuck so that when travel to Christian conservative states we can use the word for the fun of it. See, if you don't "know" it's a bad word, then it's not. What makes the word bad anyways? Answer me that. What makes it vulgar? To all of you in the CWA, I say: Borwal You. You, ladies of the Concerned Women for America are so un-American that it is sad -- do you feel that just because you think someone is vulgar they should not be on TV? How communistic is that? Maybe CWA really stands for Communist Women for America? I just checked out your website and you proclaim that your mission is to "bring Biblical principles into all levels of public policy." What? I am a Christian myself, but I find it disgusting when I see "Christian" groups like yourself trying to force the Bible down other people's throats. And keep religion out of public policy, keep the separation of church and state -- just like it says in the First Amendment. If you really are concerned about America, which I don't think you are, then you would respect the religions of others and keep "Biblical priciples" out of public policy. On your website you say that America has fallen, and I have to agree, America has fallen to the Christian right who continues to try to put their religion where it shouldn't be.

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