Bad News for Sidekick Users

february 21, 2005

This is some bad news for us Sidekick users. T-Mobile has not figured out if it was a remote hack or human error (Paris losing her Sidekick or giving out her password). But, it wasn't but recently that T-Mobile's network was hacked into. Now this incident. Both of incidents revolves around both the T-Mobile servers and Danger servers. And since all of the information that is on one's Sidekick is also on Danger's servers, this really gives Danger's name some ironic meaning. I hope that T-Mobile and Danger get their security act together and start protecting our information. Danger can start by running their Desktop Interface using a SSL connection instead of a plain HTTP connection. It does not seem like Danger is living up to its Privacy Policy by not doing enough to protect our information (or in their words, they are not working hard enough to prevent such occurances):

Is all of my information kept securely? Danger has security measures in place that are designed to protect your information. All Personal and Anonymous Information is stored on physically secured servers. Access to this information is strictly limited to individuals with a legitimate reason to have access and who have signed agreements that prohibit the unauthorized use or disclosure of such information. In addition, all of Danger's stored information is firewall protected against unauthorized "hacks" into our systems. While we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of your data will not occur, we work hard to prevent such occurrences.

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