Don't Quit Your Day Job...

february 23, 2005

...oh wait, you already did. Jason Kottke has quit his day job to become a full-time blogger -- supported only by reader donations. I say good luck to Jason, but I doubt that he'll get by on anything more than Ramen noodles, crackers and water if he continues this. SolaraGuy has some 2000+ registered users and a whole lot of unregistered readers. We take donations over there to support paying for all related expenses for the boards. Let me just say that I am very grateful to all the donors at SolaraGuy, they help to keep up the boards, and each year there is enough donations to keep the boards running. But, if I had to live by the donations there, I''d be dead from starvation. I hope Jason is able to get more people to donate to support him, but I have my doubts.

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