Sidekick II Cases

february 27, 2005

This is the Monaco case that I just picked up off eBay -- though the link for the item is from the actual seller's website, I bought through eBay because paying through Yahoo! is a pain in the ass. Anyways, this case looks much better than the Kroo case that I got from eBay the other week. The Kroo case was too big for me, the flap that kept the Sidekick in stuck out too much for my taste and made the case look like a small woman's purse (heh). Anyways, if you think that you may like the Kroo case, I haven't used it outside the house, I only took it out of the package and tried my Sidekick in it, then you can bid on my auction over at eBay. I'll write about the Monaco case when I get it (hopefully by the end of this week). It should be nicer, because it looks like a more snug fit and not as bulky.

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