Switch to Safari

february 27, 2005

Ok, so I have been bouncing around between Camino and Omniweb. I was using Camino nightly builds happily until recently when a bug that destroys file upload buttons appeared and I couldn't upload files to flickr anymore. I started using an older nightly build, but decided to try going with Apple's Safari with PithHelmet to do my daily web stuff. So, for the next few days (or longer), that's what I'll be using. PithHelmet is a very useful (and cheap at $10) tool that blocks ads, adds menus and all kinds of other stuff. It brings things that should have been in Safari to the table. I had to learn how to import a self-signed SSL certificate into my system so that Safari would stop complaining about the certificate that I generated (get the certificate file, then run sudo certtool i certificate.crt v k=/System/Library/Keychains/X509Anchors) for myself. Other than that, I am kind of enjoying the best of both worlds (Camion and Omniweb worlds, I mean): Speed of Camino and Omniweb; simplicity of Camino; tabs like Camino; adblocking that works good like userContent.css in Camino; native MacOS X support for things like spell-check like Omniweb. We'll see how long I can last with Safari this time around. I know I have always had a problem with Safari mysteriously pausing on some pages, but I think I can live with that (keep repeating that...keep repeating it).

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