Paris Hilton Boosts Sidekick II Sales

march 1, 2005

Yes, you read the headline right. Technews is reporting that sales of T-Mobile's Sidekick II devices are skyrocketting after the publicity generated by the break-in on Paris Hilton's Sidekick II.

T-Mobile stores in New York are selling out of Sidekicks (a handheld device that stores information online) despite or, more likely, because of that fact that celebrity phone numbers and naughty pictures were stolen off one belonging to bad-girl heiress Paris Hilton.
It looks like bad publicity is good publicity when it comes to product placement. Now people apparently know that the Sidekick II can do email, pictures and all sorts of other things -- and people want the Sidekick II!
T-Mobile wouldn't be the first company or product to gain widespread exposure through an infamous incident, high-profile crime or compromising situation. The history of marketing shows that such notoriety rarely results in damage to a brand, and more often than not helps.

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