T-Mobile's Goofy Asian Guy

march 4, 2005

T-Mobile revamped their site a few weeks ago and this goofy looking Asian guy is the prime picture at the top of every page. Not to be mean, but it sucks to have to look at this guy all the time -- I use the Sidekick Desktop Interface, and he shows up at the top of every page. I figured out a way to use the userContent.css trick for Mozilla browsers and to wipe him out, so I don't see him at all nowadays. But, I do feel sorry for all of those people who can't (or don't know how to) block this image because the guy looks so happy with that (huge) phone that he seems on the virge of exploding or something. I wish T-Mobile would have picked a better picture for the header of each and every page -- or do us all a favor and just leave that portion blank (like it is now because I blocked it).

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