Cnet Picks Up The Sidekick Outage Story

march 7, 2005

Cnet is running a story on the Sidekick outage and though most of the story is correct, there are some misinformation in the story. The biggest piece of misinformation is about the OTA causing the outage. "Some customers theorized that the two software updates, which several posters had just received over the network last weekend, were the cause of the outage." Not really, the two software updates (the OS and Radio OTAs) have been rolling out for the better part of February and had nothing to do with the outage since people with Color Sidekicks and original Sidekicks are being locked out of the service also (they received no such OTA). I understand how Cnet wanted to get the story out the door, but most of the story seemed based on the speculations of posters on the Hiptop Forums. I am glad the news got out through a media outlet though, this should give T-Mobile and especially Danger some pressure to start ensuring reliable service for their users.

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