The Shield Season Three

march 7, 2005

I am eight episodes into The Shield Season Three and I have to say that the show has lots a lot of the edge it had in the first season. The second season was OK, but not like the first season. The third season loses just a little bit more also. I think there are two things that are complicating and taking the edge of the show. First is the money train and second is the increased focus on the cops' family lives. The money train was the focus in the latter part of the second season and that was when things got a bit soft. And now it is playing a bigger part in the third season and I am getting tired of it. It takes too much away from the bad-ass police stories that could be told. The whole safe episode was a prime example. I don't care about them stealing a safe, I want to see Vic Mackey out on the streets dealing out some hard-nosed street justice. Plain and simple. The money train is diluting the show. The focus on cops' families is much like how ER lost its edge. To start focusing on the families (like Shane's pregnant fiancee) really makes a tough as nails cop show more soft. I could careless about their family lives, I don't care about Vic's soon-to-be ex-wife. I want to see the Strike Team, Claudett and Dutch out on the streets solving crimes. I don't want to see a whiny pregnant fiancee. I await the last two discs from Netflix, they should arrive tomorrow. I want to see how the season finishes out and then I have to wait another year to watch season four on DVD. I hope that The Shield picks up again on its gritty and edgy feel from the first season in the fourth season. 24 had a great first season, a so-so second season, a terrible third season and now it is doing a wonderful comeback fourth season. Alias had a great first and second season, a terrible third season and now it is so bad that I don't bother to watch it. I hope that The Shield is more like 24 than it is like Alias.

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