48 Hours And Counting

march 8, 2005

The Sidekick service has been out for 48 hours now and still counting. Danger has not released any reliable information for its users. The last post on the Hiptop Forums was that the moderator (who works for Danger) will go seek a "postable" answer for the users from Danger engineering. 48 hours of downtime is quite a lot for a company. Things are slowly falling apart at Danger and it is starting to show, the Hiptop Forums (run by Danger) are now experiencing phpBB errors -- most likely because of all the hits coming in from angry and annoyed customers. Danger, T-Mobile and other providers need to step up soon (like yesterday) and give users a clear picture of what the outage is about. By not releasing any information, the companies are left with their customers dreaming up information about why the system is down (as it is already happening). Give us our service back and if you cannot do that, give us an explaination and a status. It would be nice if Danger could post a status every few hours to let customers know how things are going. This outage is getting out of hand and it is becoming quite clear that Danger does not know what they are doing in the background -- it almost seems as if they are paniced and have frozen up.

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