Sidekick Service Outage Update

march 8, 2005

Update 8:30pm: It looks like Danger is playing a game of CYA on their forums now. The official update thread was pulled from the forum along with all previous update posts by Danger Reps. I think that Danger will not be able meet the timeline detailed in the removed official update and that's why the thread was removed -- a big case of ass-covering. My Sidekick II is still doing the two-dot dance right now. It's not much and it's not really the truth, but they have released an official update.

Danger and T-Mobile regret any inconveniences experienced by Sidekick customers as a result of an identified technical issue that has been limiting customer access to data services since Sunday, March 6. Voice and SMS functions on the Sidekick are unaffected. Danger engineers have put fixes in place, and expect data performance to improve throughout the day on March 8th; and full service to be restored by tomorrow morning, March 9th.
I am not sure what "data performance" that they are talking about, but I have no data services at all. I hope that they are serious about the service coming back -- since my service is still down. So far, with the "no comment" attitude that Danger and T-Mobile has taken, there is a sense of distrust going in the Sidekick community. First, Danger tells users that it is a service "degredation", when in actuality it was a complete loss of service. Then they announce yesterday that 90% of the people got their service back, which is a lie when you read today's posting. Danger and T-Mobile need to learn that they cannot lie or try to cover up service issues to their customers. They need to be open with the customer base if they want us to trust and stay loyal to their products and services. If we weren't under contract, I am sure most of us would have jumped ship already, even though the Sidekick II is an awesome device. The public relations nightmare that this current outage has spawned will haunt Danger for a while to come. I hope they don't go through their planned IPO anytime soon with this hanging over their heads. They need to mature as a company.

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